Fibaro Home Center 2 Programming

Fibaro Home Center 2 – Scenes – Create code from a block diagram

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Down below you will find an example, of the fibaro:call method created by creating a new Fibaro Home Center 2 scene:

  1. Go to “Scenes”
  2. Choose “Add scene”

  1. Select to add a scene with graphical blocks. So select “Add” below the title “Add scene using graphic blocks”.

  1. Press the “+” sign and select “Days of Week” under “Timers”. We want the Home Center to trigger on a specific time on every day of the week.

  1. Select each day of the week (A). Set any time you want (B). Choose “Then” before adding the next graphic block (C).

  1. Now choose the device you want to put on, on the given time. In our case a light on the “Dressoir” (= Dutch word for Kommode)

  1. Go back to the “Advanced” tab. The graphical blocks will be as shown below. Now press the “Save” button.

  1. Now choose “Turn on” to change the blocks to LUA programming code.

  1. Now the LUA code shows up. As you can see, the fibaro:call method is used to turnOn our light.

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